Splash Jammer – Under the Sea


The New Splash Jammers from Splash About provide all the security of a Happy Nappy swim diaper but in a more grown up design, they keep faecal leaks out of the pool and are swim school approved world wide!

The New Splash Jammer has been technically constructed to move as your child moves, ensuring the safest most leak free fit.

Designed to work in the same unique way as a happy nappy swim diaper the specialist fabric at the waist covers the base of the spine whilst medical grade silicone forms an effective seal on the thigh.

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  • Approved by swim schools
  • Made from super-soft neoprene
  • New 3D shape, provides an ergonomic design that moves with child to ensure no gaping occurs
  • High waistband prevents any fecal matter from entering the water
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Medical grade silicone forms an effective seal on the thigh


  1. Pull-on the Splash Jammer like a wetsuit – if you roll it down from the waist, it’s easier to pull up.
  2. Ensure the waistband covers any under diaper and sits around the belly button, this is vitally important, as any exposed under diaper BREAKS the seal.
  3. The rib may roll, this is fine, put your finger at the side seams to check the pressure – as it gets wet, the pressure will reduce yet still maintains a snug fit.

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